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Cato is an interactive game for learning and teaching English grammar. By playing our fun educational game, students learn phrasal verbs, parts of speech, question tags, reported speech, if clause and linkers.

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Easy learning of QUESTION TAG with the interesting story of little Kitten and Dog

The words are in the jumbled order if you rearrange them in the right order the SENTENCE LINKERS will be at your reach.

The helping hand streched to the sorry state of Mammu & Minnu , the cute litile rabbits, gives ypo the principles of CONDITIONAL CLAUSE in return

An expedition with Tarzan to rescue his mother ape.helps you to crack the hard-to-break rules of REPORTED SPEECH.

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GEM Services Pvt Ltd is the Parent Organization of Catogames. GEM Services initiated many project like Catogames, Englishmaestro for the promotion of education standards with easy gaming techniques


Director, St Alberts School Thrissur

"Cato Games ROCKS!! Interesting concept presented in an easier way. Games are really good."

Mr.James Tom
Teacher, Carmel HS, Thodupuzha

"Easiest way to study English. Characters are also really interesting. Expecting more products".