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Cato Games is an innovative learning method which aims at learning English grammar through interactive video games. Its not learning, it is just knowing through games and fun. Opens a marvelous world of fun, knowledge and adventure for the students to make the learning process simple. Cato Games introduces CDs of interactive games for english grammar to execise Phrases, Sentence Linkers, Conditional Clauses, Reported Speech and other hazardous grammatical lessons.
Price for the whole gaming packcage would be Rs.249/- only
To order the Cato Games CD, place an order through the website. Just fill up the order form with your communication details. Our team will contact you soon after getting your enquiry. You have to transfer the amount to our bank account provided below to place the order. Once we receive the amount, we will send the CD via postoffice to your communication address . So order your Cato Games CD now...

All the fun and thrill of " A MILLION REPEE GAME SHOW " gets you acquated with PHRASAL

The words are in the jumbled order if you rearrange them in the right order the SENTENCE LINKERS willbe at your reach.

The helping hand streched to the sorry state of Mammu & Minnu , the cute litile rabbits, gives ypo the principles of CONDITIONAL CLAUSE in return

An expedition with Tarzan to rescue his mother ape.helps you to crack the hard-to-break rules of REPORTED SPEECH.